At Buffalo Health Advisors, our health insurance agents are licensed and qualified to help you find Medicare Advantage plans in Alabama. If you’re over 65, have a qualifying disability, or need financial assistance for health care, a Medicare Advantage plan may be the right healthcare solution for you.

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How Do I Sign Up for an Alabama Medicare Advantage Plan?

Because finding health insurance is such a complicated process, it can be hard to find the right plan. When you call one of our health insurance agents they will help you find and compare health insurance plans available in Alabama. They will explain all of the benefits of the plan, and make sure you get the benefits you need before submitting your application.

Also, they will never try to sell you on a plan that you don’t want. Because even though we are a team of insurance brokers and agents, we work more like advisors to help you find the plan that’s the right fit for you.

We make this process simple for all of our clients.

In order to join an Alabama MA Plan, you must first be signed up for both Medicare Part A and Part B. You can also switch to an MA Plan if you’ve found that your current coverage is not what you need. However, if you currently have coverage through an employer and you want to make a switch, be aware that you will most likely lose that coverage when you switch plans.

Alabama Medicare Advantage Plans

If you’ve started searching for an MA plan in Alabama, then you have probably found many options through several providers. Even though these plans are available through different providers, many of them are quite similar. Therefore, trying to find the differences can be quite a challenge. If you have found plans that you like, or need help deciding, call one of our expert health insurance agents to simplify your process.

For your benefit, most Advantage plans can be sorted into four types.

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PPO Plans

A preferred provider organization plan allows subscribers to choose and join a network of doctors, hospitals, and other providers who provide coverage. The organization is paid in part by the government to offer reduced rates. So long as you receive care within this network, you will have reduced rates. However, if you receive care outside of the network, you will typically have to pay higher rates and out of pocket expenses.

HMO Plans

For a more limited but affordable plan, a health maintenance organization plan can help you keep your health. These plans are best suited for individuals in good health and are ok with staying in-network for their care.

HMO plans are more limited when compared to PPO plans. For example, when you join an HMO, you will need to choose a primary care provider (PCP) who will be your go-to provider while you are subscribed to your plan. If you need to see a specialist while on an HMO plan, you will need to receive a referral from your PCP.

If you see any provider outside of your plan’s network, you will not receive coverage. You will also be responsible for any expenses from out-of-network care.

PFFS Plans

Also known as Medicare Part C, a private fee-for-service plan is funded by private companies in order to provide coverage. The company that provides the plan sets the rules of coverage, so, plans will be different depending on the provider you choose.

If you’re looking for a PFFS plan with specific benefits, we recommend calling one of our expert health insurance agents to help you find the right plan.

Alabama Special Needs Plans

These plans are available to beneficiaries who need extra support and who meet specific requirements. SNPs, provide coverage for people with chronic conditions, nursing home residents, and people with dual Medicare and Medicaid eligibility.

Some of the chronic conditions that qualify for PFFS plans include:

  • Cancer
  • End-stage renal disease
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Chronic and disabling mental health conditions (dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc)
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Stroke
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Qualifications for Alabama Medicare Advantage Plans

In order to be eligible for Medicare coverage in Alabama, you must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Have End-Stage Renal Disease
  • Receive benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board
  • Eligible for social security benefits
  • Have a permanent disability
  • Enrolled in Original Medicare

Help Finding Alabama Medicare Advantage Plans

At Buffalo Health Advisors, we understand that finding the right Medicare Advantage plan is a complicated process. But we can make it simple. Call one of our licensed health insurance agents today to find the right healthcare plan for you.

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