Why Buffalo Health Insurance

In the wild, buffalo form herds to gain strength in numbers. Within both herds of the American bison and the African buffalo, there exists a hierarchy depending on age and experience. Like the bison at the head of a herd, we pave the way for our team of contracted health insurance agents and agencies.

What You Get When You Join the Herd

As a rapidly growing FMO, Buffalo Health Advisors provides all of our contractors with the following:

Provider Relationships

As an established field marketing organization (FMO) grown from a health insurance agency, Buffalo Health Advisors has working relationships with all major health insurance providers both based in Tennessee and across the United States. We have a direct line to their sales leads so we can connect you with the best deals to give your clients.

Agent Contracting

We’ve grown from selling insurance pans to now helping our contracted agents get the same success that our original agents found. When you join Buffalo Health Advisors, we want to help you get to work right away. Our team of agent contractors will be your best resource for completing the necessary paperwork, training, and certifications as easily as possible.

We provide online and remote health insurance agent contracting services so you can always increase your reach as you qualify to sell insurance in multiple states.

Commission Benefits

A key benefit we offer agents in our herd is access to top commission rates not available through any other avenue. Our trusted relationships with national health insurance carriers allow us to offer the highest level of commissions for our contracted agents. In fact, our agents earn a statistically higher average on commissions than direct contractors.

Lead Generation Support

As an FMO insurance agency, we use a variety of lead generation and organization tools to help you reach the most qualified leads. As a licensed health insurance broker, your time is best spent getting your clients the insurance plans they need.

Our lead pipeline aggregates leads from a variety of sources, including, emailing lists, direct mailing lists, social media referrals, and phone lists. We’ll also give you all the training you need to successfully navigate, organize, and master our online lead generation tools and our accompanying CRM.

Marketing Services

As a contracted agent, you’ll have access to our library of marketing tools and services to help you serve potential clients both locally and nationally. Furthermore, as part of your orientation, you will receive training for each of our marketing tools. As a result, you can create a steady stream of new leads for you and your fellow agents.

With Buffalo Health Advisors, marketing is not a one-and-done project or topic. We regularly host and offer marketing training for our contracted agents so you can keep your skills sharp and stay ahead of the competition.

Agent Training

New to health insurance? Want to level up your career? Are you ready to grow into a new level of success? There’s no cap to what you can do when you contract with Buffalo Health Advisors, based in Nashville, TN.

Even if you have no experience, our resources include certification guides, compliance training, and sales training to help you hit the ground running.

If you really want to become an effective member of the herd, we encourage all of our agents to take time annually to review our industry courses to maximize their career growth.

Agent Certifications

The American buffalo are covered in a thick coat of fur that protects them from dust, bugs, rain, wind, and the cold. We encourage all of our contracted agents to earn as many certifications as possible to help you press forward into new territories of your career.

Quoting Tools

After getting to know your clients and their needs, help them choose the perfect health insurance plan with our online quoting engine and quote comparison tools.

Streamlined Enrollment Processes

Shopping for health insurance is a complicated and overwhelming process for consumers who don’t know how to navigate the process. That’s where you come in. When you work with an FMO, we’ll give you the tools and training you need to help your clientele experience the most streamlined health insurance registration experience they’ve ever had.

Market Research

One of your responsibilities is to keep an eye on the ever-changing landscape of the health insurance marketplace. But, we also understand that your time is best used when you’re working with your clients to find the right health insurance coverage for them. Therefore, we collect and provide the latest market research for our agents so we can stay up to date in this competitive health insurance marketplace.

Market Education

If you’re near the start of your career, you may not be as familiar with the health insurance market. However, like a herd of buffalo, we use our experience to lead the way for our newest agents until they can run at the front of the herd. As a contracted health insurance agent, you’ll have access to information about the latest health insurance products, including individual and family health plans and Medicare Advantage products.

Agent Compliance Training

Health insurance, and the healthcare industry in general, involves communicating and processing a lot of personal information. As a result, working in the health insurance industry requires careful compliance with health privacy laws.

Contract With Buffalo Health Advisors

Are you ready to join our team of contracted health insurance brokers? Schedule an interview to learn more about the opportunities you’ll get when you join the herd.