In the wild, buffalo form herds to gain strength in numbers. Like the buffalo at the head of a herd, we pave the way for our team of licensed insurance representatives.

  • Physical, local resource
  • Strategic recruiting opportunities
  • Referral-based marketing programs to build quality leads at no cost
  • Exclusive access to our partnerships with provider groups, pharmacies & wellness centers
  • Dedicated personal Account Managers
  • Open release policy
  • Street-level or better on all contracts — no exceptions
  • Customized agent training
  • Seamless contracting, commission auditing & application support
  • Community — peers and like-minded licensed insurance representatives
  • Complimentary access to online quoting and enrollment tools (SunFire)

About Buffalo Health Advisors

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We Are in the Insurance Marketing Business

Here at Buffalo, we like to say we are not in the insurance business; we are in the insurance marketing business. We only succeed when our agents succeed!

Based in Nashville, TN

We’re proud to be called a leading field marketing organization in Middle Tennessee. We’re also grateful for the growth that allows us to serve agents in now 36 states across the US.

Join the Herd

What You Get When You Join the Herd

When you join the herd, we want to help you get to work right away. One of our experienced licensed sales agents will be your resource for completing the necessary contracting paperwork, training and certifications as quickly as possible.

We provide online and remote agent contracting services so you can always increase your reach as you qualify to sell insurance in multiple states.

A key benefit we offer our agents is access to top commission rates.

After getting to know your clients and their needs, help them choose the perfect health insurance plan with our complimentary online quoting and enrollment tool, SunFire.

At Buffalo, we specialize in referral-based marketing programs that build quality leads and directly funnel them to our local agents at no cost. This grassroots approach and individualized experience allow us to compete with the national distribution players.

Buffalo has built much of its success around sustainable, working relationships with a large number of major health insurance providers both based in Tennessee and across the U.S. Leveraging these partnerships, we’ve established exclusive sales opportunities that allow our agents to have direct access to their patient panels and future members.

As a part of our herd, you’ll have access to our library of marketing tools and services to help you serve potential clients both locally and nationally.

At Buffalo, we understand that in order to stay relevant, it is critical to adapt your sales strategy to meet the needs of your clients and prospects. That is why we make it our job to support you in all aspects of your marketing journey.

If you decide that Buffalo is not the place for you (although, we hope you do choose us!), we will provide you with a “no questions asked” release to give to your next agency with no waiting period.